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Smile Design Studio Of Bethesda Maryland!!

Our exceptional dentists would love the opportunity to show you what truly excellent dental care is all about. At the Smile Design Studio of Bethesda, our goal is to provide our patients with care that lasts a lifetime, and we are always very happy to have new patients become part of our family.

Our entire dental team has received special training in providing comfortable, quality dental care, and we love what we do! We welcome the opportunity to provide consultations. Our Dentists also strive to treat emergencies on the same day.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

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The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

Blog'n The Latest In Dental News Invisalign®

Straight Teeth WITHOUT Braces?
It's true! With Invisalign it is possible to have straight teeth in as little as 9 - 15 months, whether you have overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite, or crossbite. The clear plastic custom-made aligners are replaced every two weeks, and no metal or wires means less time in the chair getting adjustments. No braces, wires, or headgear are required! This means no mouth irritation, and even better, no one will know you're straightening your teeth because - it's invisible! The Invisalign™ system is easily removable so you can not only eat and drink what you want while in treatment, brushing and flossing are no problem! Join the quarter million patients who have already discovered the joy of straightened teeth - invisibly!

ZOOM (Teeth Whitening)

Teeth Whitening - Dazzling Results in Just One Visit!
Smile Design Studio features ZOOM! Advanced Power™ Whitening - the same teeth whitening treatment seen on the popular reality television show Extreme Makeover. You can have brilliantly white teeth, without stains or darkness, usually in about one to two hours. You've seen it on TV - shouldn't others see it in your smile?

We also offer custom whitening trays, made in our own lab. You will receive supplies and instructions and you finish the procedure at home. This technique is safe and effective. Results occur within 1 - 14 days.

Dental Implants

Missing Teeth? Why Not 'Grow' New Ones!
Dental implants are the ideal way to replace lost teeth. From the teeth at the front of the mouth, which are the most visible, to the back teeth, which should be solid enough to eat a full variety of foods, implants can help you recapture a beautiful and healthy smile. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants are placed under the gums. The "tooth" placed on an implant appears life-like, because it comes through the gums just like the original did - it's like growing a new tooth! Implants can be used to replace any number of lost teeth. Even people with no teeth can benefit from implants, because they can replace their dentures with teeth that don't move around when they talk, and they don't need to be taken out at night. Because we handle the entire process from implant placement to crown fabrication, there's no need to be referred to another office. Call for a no-obligation implant consultation today.


Smile Makeovers

The staff at Smile Design Studio emphasize the aesthetic aspect in ALL of their work because they know that when your smile looks good, you feel good! They use the best combination of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for optimum dental health. Modern smile makeovers are so easy (and affordable!) that there's simply no reason why you can't have the perfectly beautiful, natural-looking smile you've always wanted.
Ask us what modern veneers, crowns, bonding, and whitening can do for YOUR smile!

Saving Hopeless Teeth

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction, which can cause a lot of problems and should be done as a last resort. When dental decay reaches the nerve of the tooth (or the tooth has become infected), a simple filling does not suffice. A root canal can save the tooth by removing the pulp of a tooth and replacing it with a filling material. Root canals of the past were quite painful and gained a reputation as something to be avoided. However, with today's modern anesthetics and technology, we can perform root canals that are quite tolerable and often times even painless!

Custom Mouthguards

Click here to learn about our Patent Pending Mouth Guard Technology.

Best in Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to gain a refreshed image, you and your dentist must be on the same page! This is why your initial consultation is so important. During this one-on-one meeting with our dentists, you have the option to ask any questions you'd like. We will help you understand the specific procedure or treatment you are considering.

Our dentists possess the talent to design and develop smiles that are not only beautiful, but a comfortable transition for the patient. The Smile Design Studio's wealth of knowledge has helped to create and sustain some of the most stunning smiles.

"We build long-lasting dental relationships one smile at a time"